I Couldn't Stop But I Wanted To

AddictionI Couldn't Stop But I Wanted To

Deval, 34

After talking about things with his counsellor, Deval was able to cope better with the difficulties he'd been facing in his life. 

“I ended up in counselling because I was drinking too much. I guess I was trying to cope with my divorce and the stresses of work.  It started bit by bit but I guess before I knew it I was drinking every day. I went to my doctor and it was she who recommended counselling to me.  I didn’t like the idea much at all. I thought of somebody, you know, with a notepad and a pen, analyzing me while I was lying down on a couch.  I didn’t like that idea at all. But Stewart, the counsellor, was really good.  There was no couch. We sat together and had a real conversation. He actually made me realize that I was really angry, which surprised me.  I never thought I was angry at all. It wasn’t always easy because before I got better, I did in fact get worse because he made me look at myself and it wasn’t pretty. I was expecting him to give me all the answers but Stewart sort of helped me to find the answers for myself.  And so, bit by bit, I’m getting better. That`s what counselling is for me. He’s made me try a few different things and it helps; I’m actually drinking less.  I know I’m not there yet but I’m getting better bit by bit.”