I Just Wanted To Talk To Someone

Feeling lowI Just Wanted To Talk To Someone

Audrée, 21

After a period of feeling down, Audrée missed feeling like her 'old self'.

“When I finished my exams, I felt on top of the world.  I’d worked really hard and got really good results.  I felt like I could do anything. I was really excited about my future.  But then as the months went on and I couldn’t find a job, I started to feel really down. I wasn’t depressed, I still had friends and a life when I could afford to but I spent a lot of time at home, doing nothing productive. My mom kept saying I should go to a doctor, so eventually I did. He ran some tests but there was nothing physically wrong with me. He suggested I see a counsellor but there wasn’t one at his clinic so he gave me CCPA’s phone number. They`re an organization that can help you find counsellors and counselling services. I called them and they walked me through their website that helped me find a counsellor in my area. I know counselling isn’t going to find me a job but I’m really hoping that meeting a counsellor can help me get back to my old self again.  My first appointment`s next week. Wish me luck!”